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Blue, is often described as serenity, fresh, relaxing, calm and peace. In the opposite, it can also be seen as sad, depressed or even mysterious. It depends how you look and feel at it.

This color has been scientifically proven to help easing stress. If you’re feeling a little bit on the edge or stressed out, here are the 20 soothing blue wallpapers perfect for your Android phone. Set as your homescreen’s background and makes all your worries wash away.


*2160 x 1920 dimension is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One Max, Oppo N1, Sony Xperia Z1 etc.

National Vegetarian Week 2014 coming in…3 weeks! Will you dare to take on the challenge to go vegetarian and enjoy a week of deliciously vibrant meat-free food? 

We urge you to be part of it, practice vegetarianism while still enjoying a filling meal with these 5 simple yet flavoursome vegetarian dishes. 

Let’s have a healthy and balanced diet, go meatless with our collection of free recipes loaded with veggies today. Read on!

1) Crunchy Carrot Pittas [Download]


2) Veggie Bean Wrap [Download]


3) Roasted Vegetable Medley [Download]


4) Herbed Potato Salad [Download]


5) Avocado Garden Salad [Download]image

Always keep in mind….



As the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil approaches, we’re bringing you a collection of Footballer Illustrations. 

Inspired by the biggest soccer legends in history such as Zidane, Cristiano Ronaldo, Thierry Henry and more. These wallpapers are now available to download in mobile9.



Do you feel nostalgic for the great classic video games like Pacman, Metal Slug, Super Mario, Street Fighters and Metal Gear Solid?

If you do, cheers for that. We’ve compiled a list of retro ringtones which covers a few of video gaming’s classics. Variety of main themes and sound effects from the original soundtracks. 

Let’s time travel back to the 80’s and bring back those memories!

Free Download:

1) Pacman 

2) Mario -Game Over-

3) Zelda Secret Sound

4) Street Fighter 

5) Space Invaders

6) Mortal Kombat

7) Megaman

8) Contra 

9) Tetris

10) Sonic

11) Final Fantasy - Victory Theme

12) Final Fantasy - Waltz for the Moon 

13) Resident Evil 

14) Puzzle Bubble

15) Tomb Raider

16) Metal Slug - Barracks

17) Silent Hill -Main Theme-

18) Metal Gear Solid -Spotted-

'The beauty of rainbow always triggers people's fantasy. In many different culture, the end of the rainbow leads to the fairyland, a treasure land as well as the heaven”

Brighten up your phone’s background by adding a natural burst of color from the first in our series of Rainbows Wallpaper collections.

[Download Wallpapers]

Change the look of your Nokia Asha with these beautiful nature themes.

Type: 40 Developer Platform 2.0 240 X 400 Themes.

These themes are compatible with Nokia Asha 305, 306, 308, 309, 310, 311 etc.  

1) Purple Flowers [Download

2) Foliage [Download]  

3) Tulips [Download]

4) White Tiger [Download]

5) Roses [Download]

6) Awakening of Spring [Download

7) Macro Spring Flower [Download]

8) Sunflower Field [Download]

9) Chamomile [Download

10) Nature Green [Download]


Counting down the days until FIFA World Cup Fever in Brazil. It’s about time to lift your mood with this year’s official FIFA ringtones featuring American rapper Pitbull, Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte, Jennifer Lopez, Aloe Blacc and more!

Free download available in mobile9, make it as your ringtone today!

1) We Are One (Ole, Ola) - Pitbull 

Download:[mp3] [m4r]

2) The World Is Ours - Aloe Blacc & David Correy

Download:[mp3] [m4r]

3) Lepo Lepo - Psirico

Download:[mp3] [m4r]

4) It’s Your Thing - The Isley Brothers

Download:[mp3] [m4r]

5) Tatu Bom De Bola - Arlindo Cruz 

Download: [mp3] [m4r]

Not happy with your current Android lock screen? Perhaps it needs some changes.

Today we will show you some of the best free minimal Go Locker Themes to customize your android smartphone or tablet. 

1) Moon Lock by Minhasada 

[Download Theme]

2) ZSimple by Kenzo

[Download Theme]

3) Blue Sky by Naz

[Download Theme]

4) Christmas by walidahmed194

[Download Theme]

5) Blue & Gold by Kenzo

[Download Theme]

Since Pebble only gives you space for up to 8 watchfaces and apps, it’s important to find a few favorites and just stick to those.

These are our picks, feel free to set ‘em on your Pebble:

1)  Floating Dials [Download]


2) Doge [Download]

3) FC Barcelona [Download]

4) Squatch [Download]

5) Citizen Eco Drive [Download]

6) Batman [Download]

7) Flappy Bird [Download]

8) Updating [Download]

9) Starbucks [Download]

10) Storm trooper [Download]

Ready to hop your way to Easter? 

Decorate your smartphone this Easter season with our ‘eggcellent” selection of colorful, Easter-themed wallpapers in mobile9.

Here are plenty of great wallpapers to choose from, which includes the cute assortment, bunnies, chicks and pastel eggs. Brighten your phone for this holiday season! 

Set 1 Dimension: 480 x 800


Set 2 Dimension: 640 x 1136



Easter Day is approaching, time to get your kitchen ready for the Easter treats!

What are you serving on this special day?

Today we have 20 easy adorable Easter-themed recipes for your weekend table, from brunch & dinner to cakes & treats, these fun food ideas are easy for everyone to make and enjoy.

Discover & download the 20 recipes HERE 

Beautiful Easter for everyone! :) 


Have you seen Rio 2 yet? The sequel is now playing in the Cinemas! Go see Blu, Jewel, Nico, Pedro, and the rest of the flock ventures to the tropical jungle.

But before you go wild with the birdies in the Amazon adventures, let’s take a quick look at these Rio 2 wallpapers in mobile9!    


"There’s something really appealing about the simplicity of black-and-white images." -Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Here’s an extensive collection of celebrity wallpapers in Monochrome backgrounds for your smartphone. Featuring eye candies like Chris Evans, Ariana Grande, Robert Pattinson, Justin Bieber etc.

Get ‘em here » [Download

Apart from the mainstream mangas like One Piece, Naruto, Dragonball etc. We deem these Manga’s a MUST read in our opinion! 

1) Death Note


Yagami Light is a 17-year-old genius from Japan who is tired of his life, school, and the state of the world as he knows it. One day, on the way home from class, Light stumbles upon a dark notebook with “Death Note” written on the front. Intrigued by its appearance, Light reads the first few sentences, only to find out that it states that anyone whose name is written inside will die. Discarding it as a joke, Light continues his daily activities. Soon after though, his human curiosity takes the better of him and prompts Light to try the notebook, discovering the truth behind first sentence. Now, with power in his hands, Yagami Light is on a quest to change the world and become God of the New World. His path to holy status won’t be easy however, as another genius, known as L, is working against Light’s beliefs and Light himself. Who will win this power of Gods between humans?

[Read & Download]

2) Koisome Momiji


Koisome Momiji is about a popular high school actress is now making a film about that legend at the main character’s high school, who in turn has a crush on her. One day after school he runs into her and helps her escape from pursuing staff members. It turns out that since she started acting right after middle school she hasn’t had any experience with love and that is hurting the production of the movie. So to get some experience with love she invites him out on a date…

[Read & Download]

3) Cage of Eden 


Sengoku Akira and his classmates are travelling on a plane when it crashes onto an island inhabited by species thought to have been long extinct. The situation becomes increasingly desperate as some of Akira’s classmates are eaten alive, while some kill others in desperation. Now Akira and his group of other survivors must find a way to get off the island while surviving what appears to be a terrible nightmare.

[Read & Download]

4) Bakuman


Bakuman follows the story of high school student Moritaka Mashiro, a talented artist who does not know what he wants to do with his future. One day he draws a picture of Miho Azuki, a girl he is secretly fond of, during class he forgets the notebook at school. He comes back to find that his classmate Akito Takagi is waiting for him with his notebook. Takagi tries to convince Mashiro to become a mangaka, a manga artist, with him, only leading to Mashiro’s disagreement…

[Read & Download]

5) Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


The Reborn! story revolves around a boy named Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Sawada, who is chosen to become the Vongola  Family’s boss due to him being the great-great-great-great grandson of the first Vongola boss, who had moved to Japan from Italy during his own time. He is told by Reborn that he will become the tenth Vongola boss. Also, the other candidates for the position of the head of the Vongola Family have died. For these reasons, Tsuna is the only remaining heir…

[Read & Download]

Give your Nokia phone the flashy look with these stunning Nokia Symbian S60 5th Edition themes published by the excellent themers in mobile9!